ARC300.1 The Mediterranean City: Architecture, Ritual & Power (Fall, Spring)

Italy’s cities great and small share a tradition of urban architecture and public ritual with cultures across the Mediterranean and Europe. This course examines critically a series of ritual sites around the Mediterranean basin where architects, artists, and their patrons created, sustained or transformed traditions of spectacle in the service of political, religious, or economic power. Emphasis will be as much on cultural continuity as on innovation as we examine the architecture, choreography, and politics of pharaonic and Homeric funereal games, Minoan bull-dances, Greek and Roman agora, forum, theater, and amphitheater spectacles, Byzantine and Christian liturgical rites, pilgrimages, and mystery plays, Islamic mosques, Bazaars, and water-gardens, medieval marketplaces and processions, Renaissance opera, the Baroque garden, nineteenth-century arcades and exposition spaces, modern Olympic games, and contemporary shopping malls and vacation resorts. Meets with HOA 405.

Prereq: At least one art history or architecture history course or permission of instructor

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover the cost of a 3-day Veneto tour and a day trip to Lisa/Lucca (2017-2018 course fee = $610). The course also includes an optional trip to Sicily (with fee payable in Florence with credit card).

Department: Architecture

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3