ARC500.3 Eco-City Europe: New Lifestyles for Old Cities (Signature Seminar; Spring – NOT OFFERED SPRING 2019)

In this traveling seminar, we will visit several European cities where the changing transportation, food supply, waste cycle, and energy balance demonstrates an alternative urbanism, that is on the way to reducing their carbon footprint by more than half. While the overall question of how to confront changing climate remains the central political issue of the future, we will examine inspiring transitional examples of new lifestyles that tend to bring citizens into denser living situations, reduce their collective needs for energy, manage their waste more economically, and in general produce a more satisfying existence. Students will research specific aspects such as car-sharing, bike paths, zero kilometer markets, co-working, co-housing, geothermal energy, and urban agriculture. Most of our meals will be geared to the principles of slow food, and much of our transport will be on bicycles and trains. We will meet practitioners in alternative energy and urbanism, and read text on a specific themes prepared for each city. May also be registered as GEO 300.3.

This Signature Seminar is optional, and takes place after the Spring semester.

Department: Architecture

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3