BUA400.1 The Global Workplace (Fall, Spring)

Open only to students who have commited to an internship by the published deadline. This course is aimed at helping students to become aware of the ways in which the practical world of work differs between and among cultures. It will concentrate on the processes of job finding, acquisition, organizational entry, organizational socialization, and effective performance in the student’s chosen occupational field. Students registered for this class will seek and normally engage in an internship (work-based learning) in London and will attend a weekly class in which they explore topics aimed at furthering their understanding of work and career from intercultural, transferable skills, and career building perspectives. This course must be taken for a letter grade. Internship placements require a two-day per week commitment. Bandier students register for this course under RAE 408 and music industry majors/minors register under MUI 408. Newhouse students requesting communications internships must register this class for 2 credits and their internship as COM 470 for 1 credit; in addition, they must arrange for a main campus Newhouse faculty sponsor before going abroad and will need to petition for approval once the internship is confirmed.

Department: Business Administration

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3