EDU400.1 The Industry of Knowledge: Higher Education in a Global Context – NOT OFFERED SPRING 2018

This course will not be offered for Spring 2018. 

The course gives students an overview of education around the world and highlights the differences between US and European academic systems at the higher education level. It is a course that fits very well with the Study Abroad experience as students are encouraged to reflect on international academic organizations by observing and analyzing their own experience as students abroad. Through site visits to other study abroad programs and to international academic institutions in Florence students compare and discuss different pedagogies, teaching and learning styles, didactic systems and learning goals. The city of Florence, one of the largest hubs of international education, is treated as an open classroom. Enrollment is open to all students, and may be of particular interest to students in international relations, education management, sociology, education sciences, cross-cultural studies.

Department: Education

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3