FIN480.2 Advanced Topics in International Finance (at IEU)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Business at IE University

Taught at IE University in Madrid. SU School of Management majors may count this course as a business elective, but not a finance major elective. In a globalized economy, a financial manager faces a lot of opportunities when making investment and financing decisions. On the other hand, operating in an international environment implies taking risks linked not only with the domestic country currency, but also with the currencies of the countries of its suppliers and clients. Part I of the course is to help students to identify, measure and hedge the risks associated with operating in an international environment. Part II focuses on dynamic asset allocation from an applied perspective. The course explores applications in an international setting and discusses the distinctive features of FX risk for the portfolio allocation.

Credit allocation subject to change.

The IEU academic calendar may require students taking this course to stay beyond the regular SU Madrid program end date.

Department: Finance

Locations: IE University, Madrid

Credits: 3