FIN480.3 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management (at IEU)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Business at IE University

Taught at IE University in Madrid. This course is not open to SU School of Management majors. This course is intended to help students understand how professional managers manage their clients’ money to derive the maximum benefit from what they earn. It mixes investment instruments and capital markets with theoretical detail on evaluating investments and opportunities to satisfy risk-return objectives, in a global investment context. Blending theory with practical examples, the program outlines the most important issues surrounding modern portfolio management.

Credit allocation is subject to change.

The IEU academic calendar may require students taking this course to stay beyond the regular SU Madrid program end date.

Registration restriction: Closed to SU School of Management majors and minors.

Department: Finance

Locations: IE University, Madrid

Credits: 3