HOA300.3 Leonardo da Vinci (Spring)

Leonardo da Vinci, a self-proclaimed “man without letters,” was acclaimed in his own time and is renowned in the modern age for the innovative, and at times idiosyncratic, approach to his work. Artist, scientist, engineer, and architect, he represents a fundamental figure in the intellectual and cultural history of the West.

This course is intended as an introduction to the wide-ranging works of Leonardo da Vinci, placed within the artistic, historic, and religious contexts of his time. As this is a class in Art History, we will focus primarily on Leonardo’s artistic production, however, in order to more fully understand the man and his oeuvre, we will also look at his work as a scientist and engineer. As we examine his multi-disciplinary activities, we will attempt to come to a more clear understanding of the historical Leonardo and his achievements.

No previous Art History experience is required.

Course-related fee: A fee will be charged to cover day trips to Milan and Vinci and Florence site visits (Spring 2019 fee = $360).

Department: History of Art

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3