HST300.2 The Greek Odyssey: The Visual Construction of Self & Society in the Minoan Aegean & Ancient Greece (Signature Seminar; Fall 2018 only)

The city-states of ancient Greece and the capital of the Roman Empire provide the ports of departure and arrival for an exploration and interrogation of the origins of Western civilization. During this Signature Seminar with field study in Crete, the Greek Peloponnesus and Athens, you will travel by land and sea to investigate changes in the visual construction of the individual and society. In fall semesters, the field study occurs before the start of classes and, in spring semesters, it occurs after final exams. May also be registered as HOA/HUM 300.2.

This Signature Seminar is optional, and takes place before the Fall 2018 semester.

Department: History

Location: Florence

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3