HUM300.1 Istanbul: Crossroad of Civilizations, Past and Present (Fall, Spring)

Required for all undergraduate students. This signature seminar provides a historical and practical overview to Istanbul as the focal point of several empires and as one of the most dynamic, complex, ever-expanding cities in the world. During this seminar students will be immersed in this city’s vast and fascinating past through cultural-historical lectures and visits to key archeological sites, ancient cisterns, monuments, and other architecture and art forms (religious and secular) that tell the story of a melding of civilizations and empires over two millennia. Throughout they will also be introduced to the ways in which locals navigate and discover its many diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and regional cuisines, providing students with the tools to further explore and learn to live in this lively cosmopolis. May also be registered as HST/MES 300.1.

Department: Humanities

Location: Istanbul

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3