ITA421 Patterns of Modernity in 20th Century Italian Literature (Fall, Spring)

Taught in Italian. Literature course designed for students who have studied the Italian language for at least four semesters, and are able to read original texts and discuss them in class and in writing. Introduces students to the textual reading of some major Italian literary works which show the signs of the transition from a century-long agricultural civilization to an urban and technological culture, from the 19th-century aesthetic canons to the 20th-century modern and postmodern sensibility. Authors will include major figures such as the poet Eugenio Montale and the novelists Luigi Pirandello and Italo Calvino. A section of the course will be dedicated to the Futurist movement. Comparisons with some foreign texts will be made whenever appropriate. Translation exercises will also be introduced as a technique of text analysis.

Prereq: ITA 202 or four semesters of college-level Italian. Students in the Advanced Language or Direct Enrollment programs at the University of Florence can take this Florence Center course to fulfill upper level language requirements.

Department: Italian

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3