MGT380.1 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Organization Theory (at IEU)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Business at IE University. 

Taught at IE University in Madrid. Not open to Syracuse students in SU School of Management majors or minors. Organization theory is a field of management studies that borrows from multiple social sciences to explain how organizations function and interact with their external environment. Business organizations are designed and structured through the conscious human process of organizing. Thus, consultants and academics influence organizations by making managers aware of certain trends and debates. By providing conceptual tools to diagnose and solve problems, organization theory not only describes and explains organizational features and behaviors, it also shapes organizations and the business world.

Credit allocation is subject to change.

The IEU academic calendar may require students taking this course to stay beyond the regular SU Madrid program end date.

Registration restriction: Closed to SU School of Management majors and minors.

Department: Management

Locations: IE University, Madrid

Credits: 3