PHO204 Introduction to Photography (Fall, Spring)

Introduction to camera handling, functions and controls. Principles of composition, creative use of Photoshop applications and high quality digital printing for portfolio or book production. No photography background necessary and not open to students who have previously taken an introductory photography course. There is a lab fee billed from Syracuse (2017-18 fee = $130). If you successfully register for this class you will need to have either a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera – this is recommended for maximum creative control – or, at the very least, a good compact point and shoot camera – 12-24 megapixel. (Note: prices for cameras now are virtually the same stateside and in London so, if you are undecided and need to upgrade your equipment in London, this is an option.) We use the industry standard Photoshop CS6 suite which is installed on all 10 high end Macs in the multimedia lab which will be your classroom. If you want to use your personal computer for classwork, the professor highly recommends that you purchase any software before departure (it is cheaper than in the U.K. and you may be eligible for a student discount through the SU bookstore). Special Enrollment: list this course among the top four on your Student Advising Form in order to request permission to enroll. Priority given to students with a documented academic need and for whom this course meets a specific degree requirement. Additional criteria assessed for permission to enroll include graduation date and date of study abroad application.

Department: Photography

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3