PSC400.3 European Identity Seminar (Fall, Spring)

Required for new students. This 10/11-day interdisciplinary field studies seminar will allow you to witness firsthand the multi-layered cultural and political identities in contemporary Europe, their overlapping (and, at times, contradictory) nature, and their effect on political and social developments.

The fall semester seminar focuses on the changing identities in Central and Eastern Europe. Through visits to Berlin (Germany), Wroclaw (Poland), Brno (Czech Republic), and Vienna (Austria), you will learn about the forces that shaped this part of Europe in the 20th century (Nazism, Communism, the Cold War, etc.) as well as about current trends in society and politics. You’ll have the opportunity to hear directly from local actors – journalists, politicians, activists, architects and academics. Special emphasis will be placed on post-war reconciliation and the changing uses of urban space.

Fall seminar meets with: HST 400.3/IRP 300.1

In the spring semester, students travel to France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany to learn how traditional national identities are being transformed both by the increasing power of the supranational European Union and by the presence of large immigrant populations. Special emphasis will be placed on the question of multiculturalism in the societies of Western Europe.

Spring seminar meets with: IRP 300.1

Students remaining in France for two semesters may repeat the seminar for credit, but only if space is available.

Department: Political Science

Location: Strasbourg

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3