QSX400.2 New Queer Cinema in Europe (Spring)

In Europe today, the status of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-sexual individuals varies greatly according to different countries, but their representation on screen often deals with issues other than questions of civil rights within national borders. This course provides an overview of recent queer cinema in Europe that is largely arranged according to national film production but explores transnational themes. It addresses issues of sex and gender, genre (such as gay auteur cinema), feminism, homophobia, socio-cultural context, production and reception. At the same time, it also investigates aspects of queer film that might be considered more culture-specific: for example, the differences between Northern and Southern Europe, or the role of family and religion. Can also be registered as LIT/WGS 400.2/FIL 300.2.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover the cost of entry fees and cinema tickets (2016 fee = $60).

Department: LGBTQ

Location: Florence

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3