RMT357 Visual Merchandising and Store Planning (Fall, Spring)

The retail sector is undergoing major structural changes: new consumer behaviors, disruptive technologies, constant shifts between physical and digital spaces, redefinition of ROI, brand advocacy, social media, mobile marketing, etc. – these are just some of the factors contributing to the significant ‘identity crisis’ currently taking place in this field.

This course aims to explore the current retail scenario, understanding / challenging / questioning / redefining the role and essence of all its key components – from branding to marketing strategies, from physical to digital presence, from consumer journey to product life cycle, from visual merchandising to store layout – with a view to distill a formula for successful retail experiences.

We will achieve this through a series of readings, conversations, site visits, guest lectures, visual observations, and a written report – with a London/UK/European focus, but with constant references to global trends and case studies. The participants will have an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired over the course in the final project.

Department: Retail Management

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3