SOM400.1 Managing in an Asian Setting (Fall, Spring)

Effective Fall 2017 not open to Syracuse management majors. Countries within Asia have supplied and will continue to provide a strong base for local and foreign companies seeking comparative and competitive advantages to support their production and export/import activities. However, the rise in consumption from the ever-growing middle class is now playing a greater role in the development of economic growth within and outside the region. These factors continue to drive the growth and development of local firms, and also the continued growth of foreign direct investment in Asia by multinational firms. With the increase in number and size of firms from within Asia, a number of them have now also developed effective market positions outside of Asia. The success of firms operating in Asian markets depends upon how managers cope with market factors that differ from country to country. Differing factors of political economy, culture, and ethical practices can present formidable challenges for managers of firms. Any manager seeking to develop their firm’s presence within and across the Asian region will need to consider how decisions made in one Asian country will affect their operations in other Asian countries.

Department: School of Management

Location: Hong Kong

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3