Beijing, China

Go to SU Beijing, in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Watch this video from SU Beijing alumna Samantha about her pre-semester traveling seminar.

Step 2: Read this letter from SU Beijing alumna Molly, who loved China so much she returned after she graduated from college. Or read this blog from SU Beijing alumna Alycia, who blogged throughout her year in Beijing!

Step 3: If you have questions, set up a meeting with Mary, the Beijing admissions counselor. She’ll help you get your application started.

Step 4: Apply. Go. What are you waiting for?

Why Beijing?

Beijing is one of the great cities of this century, with its high concentration of historical treasures and wealth of creative talent. You’ll revel in its deep and dramatic history, and marvel at its modern face and explosive growth. Students from all over China compete for admission to Beijing’s universities. No young Chinese musician, artist, or actor has truly made it until they’ve made it in the capital. What will Beijing be like for you?

There is no language prerequisite to study at SU Beijing.

SU Beijing Center courses (fall, spring)

Tsinghua University and SU Beijing courses (fall, spring)

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Beijing Center

Every student who attends the Beijing Center program in Spring 2018 will receive an automatic $2000 grant!

The SU Beijing academic program begins with a Signature Seminar with on-site lectures in Beijing and other cities. The semester consists of courses taught in English and Mandarin, and language instruction at all levels. Through a special arrangement with Tsinghua University in Beijing, Syracuse University program students are able to enroll in pre-selected classes taught in English, including graduate courses in the School of Public Policy. Tsinghua students are also invited to attend Syracuse University courses taught in English. This arrangement allows for discussion and interaction on contemporary issues from both the Chinese and U.S. perspective.

*Tsinghua University does not permit Chinese citizens to enroll in the SU Beijing semester program, unless they have permanent residency in the U.S. for 10 years or longer. However, Chinese citizens who are currently enrolled at SU or other U.S. universities are welcome to participate in the SU Abroad summer internship programs in Shanghai.

Talk to recent SU Beijing students!

The best way to understand what to expect in Beijing is to talk to someone who has already participated in the program. Our Beijing global ambassadors volunteered at vocational schools, traveled independently throughout China, and worked hard to learn Mandarin – ask them about Beijing!

Gilman Scholarships Available

Apply for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship , which provides awards (up to $5000/semester!) for U.S. citizens who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding to participate in study abroad. Additional funding is available to students who are studying a language deemed “critical” by the U.S. State Department, such as Mandarin, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic.

Chinese Studies Minor

If you’re interested in pursuing a minor in Chinese Studies, a semester abroad in Beijing satisfies nearly all of the requirements! The minor in Chinese Studies provides an understanding of the religious, economic, historical, and artistic dimensions of the Chinese and minority communities historically and in the modern period. The minor also requires a basic knowledge of Chinese.

The core requirements include one year of Mandarin (the equivalent of Chinese 101 and 102), and one of the Signaure Seminars offered at SU Beijing. View the requirements [PDF, 79KB] for the 19-credit minor.

For more information, you can contact Gareth Fisher, Director of Chinese Studies, Assistant Professor of Religion, 505 Hall of Languages, 315-443-5720,

SU Beijing Viewbook

An overview of the SU Beijing program is available in our viewbook [PDF, 1MB]! Request a copy of your own by filling out this form to have one mailed to you! Course listings in these books are subject to change; the most up-to-date information on course offerings is available here.