Signature Seminar

Students practicing martial arts

Your semester will begin with a two-week traveling seminar designed to give you an experiential overview of China’s history and culture. Signature Seminars and course-related field study throughout the semester provide on-site learning opportunities that simply cannot be duplicated in the classroom.

Fall Signature Seminar

HST 400.1/IRP 300.1 The Challenges and Opportunities of Southeast Asia – China, Malaysia, and Singapore (3 credits, required)

Borne on a wave of increasing economic and political confidence, the nations of Southeast Asia are exercising new and significant influence on world affairs. Your 14-day learning journey takes you to China, Malaysia, and Singapore for an expansive overview of the immense economic, political, cultural ,and environmental import of the region. You explore Confucianism, Taoism, examine Islamic culture and art, and visit many prominent financial, historic, and cultural sites as you build a powerful foundation for your semester of study in Hong Kong.

For CityU direct enroll students: 2 credits, optional

Spring Signature Seminar

HUM 300.1/PSC 400.1 China: Past, Present, and Future (3 credits, required)

Through lectures, guest speakers, and site visits, you will start the exploration of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, its many facets of tradition and culture, its glorious past, its bitter memories of imperial decline and its ongoing struggle with history and modernity. Initially we travel to Xi’an, the ancient capital of China to get a glimpse of the past; Beijing, the more recent and current political and cultural center; and finally to Shanghai, a city many believe embodies China’s aspiration for the future. During the semester in Hong Kong, you will continue your study of China with readings, group discussions, reflection on personal experiences and collective examination of lessons.

Not available for CityU direct enroll students.