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Here are the top four questions Syracuse Abroad staff receives from students considering a semester in London:

How much does the London program cost and what does the program fee cover?

All students are charged Syracuse tuition plus a program fee. Tuition covers 12-19 credit hours of study per semester. The program fee includes:

  • All-school orientation
  • Housing allowance
  • Health care/doctor’s visit
  • Gym membership
  • Unlimited Oyster card for travel in Zones 1-2 for the entire semester
  • One weekend all-school trip to Rome, Paris, or Berlin, plus a weekend in Edinburgh
  • One-day trips to the countryside or other cities in the United Kingdom
  • London walking tours; some sporting and theater events
  • Membership to University College London clubs and societies
  • International Student Identification Card
  • Pre-departure materials and advising
  • Activities and services not covered by tuition and for which a separate fee is not charged

What are the possibilities to do an internship?

Students can apply for an internship, but must do so by the application due date by submitting the Internship Request form and a resume with their application. Once they are accepted to the program, Syracuse Abroad staff will send their materials to the Syracuse London internship coordinator, who will try to set up an interview in London. All placements are contingent upon successful interviews in London. All students seeking an internship must apply for a Tier 4 visa, which requires an additional fee.

Is a visa required for London?

For U.S.. citizens, a Tier 4 student visa is only required for those doing an internship, planning to work (including work study), or staying in the UK for more than 6 months. Otherwise, students will enter as a student visitor and don’t need to apply for any visa ahead of time. There are certain countries whose citizens are considered visa nationals (there is a list on the UK Border Agency website ), and those students must apply ahead of time for (at least) a student visitor visa or Tier 4 if they are working, doing an internship, or staying for more than 6 months – Chinese citizens are from one of those countries considered visa nationals.

How do I select courses?

On the initial online application, you will provide a tentative list of course choices. Later in the semester we will send out a course request form, academic update (as courses do change from semester to semester although many are offered each semester), and timetable, and ask you to get 8-10 courses approved with your home school academic advisor. Registration will take place online before departure. Some classes do close as they are very popular, so you will need to have some additional courses as back up.