Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland

Dublin Street with Cathedral
Borders in Flux: Identities and Conflict in Ireland is a Signature Seminar designed for students before they arrive for their semester abroad at Syracuse London. Students will consider the relationship between politics and religion in Ireland, what constructs a ‘national identity’, and how the violent past of Ireland impacts the present day.

Traveling as a group to the island of Ireland, students will explore themes of religious conflict and peace-making within Ireland; the concepts of ‘Irishness’ and ‘Britishness’, and new tensions wrought by international migration and regional politics. Students will explore these topics during their travels to Dublin, Derry/Londonderry, and Belfast.

This seminar carries three credits in one of three disciplines: HST 300.4, REL 300.4, or PSC 400.4

Fall 2019 Borders In Flux Flyer [PDF]