Employment at Syracuse Florence

Position Opening: Assistant Director for Teaching & Learning

This full-time position leads and mentors faculty in matters of teaching and learning across the program. Primary goals include the support and professional development of faculty contributing to outstanding study abroad teaching and scholarship. The position reports to the Director, collaborates closely with the key partners within SU Abroad and Syracuse University, and line manages the Supervisor of Academics and relevant Program Office staff and all 50+ members of the faculty. This position is not compatible with additional appointments at other institutions.


Main Roles & Responsibilities


  1. Teach one course according to experience and qualifications.

Faculty HR Manager

Aim: to achieve a sense of community and a fair, well-managed program enabling current and prospective adjunct faculty to thrive in their work.

  1. Coordinate the production and regular updating of the faculty handbook in hard copy and digital formats
  2. Consult with Director and HR Manager on all matters relating to faculty contracts (currency of information, salaries, etc.)
  3. Field enquiries from prospective professors and hold informational interviews when desire
  4. Oversee the development and maintenance of an up-to-date, searchable database of prospective faculty and guest speakers
  5. Organize and conduct, with the Director, searches and interviews for new faculty hires
  6. Lead the induction process for new faculty each semester, and follow-up with class visits and discussions with new faculty in their first semester of teaching
  7. Communicate regularly with faculty about matters of policy, upcoming events, recent faculty activities, pedagogical initiatives, conferences, etc.
  8. Develop, publicize and monitor an active faculty Blackboard page or other relevant platform for discussion forums and sharing materials
  9. Collaborate with Field Trip Program Coordinator to monitor all course fees

Faculty & Teaching Support

Aim: to engage faculty in ongoing discussions and experiments in outstanding study abroad pedagogies.

  1. Organize and lead regular faculty meetings, ensure minutes are distributed (in collaboration with AS)
  2. Keep Director informed at all times of any relevant issue, or cause of concern
  3. Review syllabi regularly and engage with professors about their course(s) as needed
  4. Conduct class visits on a regular basis, follow up with professors in person, and keep records of all such contact
  5. Analyze course evaluations each semester, communicate outcomes to faculty, and work closely with professors who will benefit from support
  6. Support faculty with application to the Teaching Innovation Funds
  7. Supervise library needs in collaboration with Library Coordinator and approve acquisitions
  8. Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure that all safety protocols and standards are maintained at all times (in class and during field trips)

Student Learning

Aim: to create an environment that enables students to achieve their highest learning potential both in class and out.

  1. Work closely with Academic Supervisor in supporting student academic achievement and maintaining integrity and discipline according to University guidelines

Programming Contributor

Aim: to collaborate with Program Office staff to develop and promote students’ transformational learning in all programming.

  1. Supervise the all-program Lectures
  2. Contribute to developing themed semesters to run across all programming
  3. Work on curriculum development
  4. Work with key partners at SU Abroad in developing and supporting programming
  5. Meet weekly with Director and other Assistant Directors
  6. Contribute to decision-making about the program as a whole
  7. Provide regular reports to the Director on the management of all academic matters

Study Abroad Expert & Networker

  1. Monitor research and articles on study abroad education, pedagogy and administration and share with relevant stakeholders
  2. Develop awareness of the study abroad market and work as appropriate to position Syracuse University favorably
  3. Work with Institutional Relations partners at SU Abroad in promoting the interests of SU Abroad and the University

Skills & Qualifications

  • PhD or relevant terminal degree
  • Direct experience in Internationalization of Higher Education preferred
  • Experience with Blackboard and Turnitin preferred
  • Experience with pedagogical trends, Forum Standards, Open Doors Data, related surveys and data analysis, Study Abroad and Internationalization field and related conferences preferred
  • Experience with Assessments and Learning Goals structuring
  • Experience in leading workshops for faculty
  • Experience in curriculum implementation, particularly in relation to Study Abroad
  • Passionate about teaching and pedagogy
  • Able to work under pressure with tight deadlines
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent competence with Microsoft Office Software (Excel and Power Point in particular)
  • Experience or demonstrated ability to lead and manage faculty
  • Creative thinker, energizing leader, team-player
  • Understanding of how students learn best
  • Entitlement to work in Italy

To Apply

Interested candidates should apply here.