Books and Coursepacks

Non-Language Courses

All textbooks for non-language courses are available for purchase at the Paperback Exchange bookshop on Via delle Oche, 4r (near Piazza del Duomo). Most books are non-refundable; it is therefore advisable that you not make purchases until you are sure of staying in a class.

Refunds for dropped courses only

Some books are eligible for total refund upon presentation of the receipt of purchase if the request is approved by the bookshop manager and all of the following conditions are met:

  • The course has been dropped. (The drop slip from the Registrar must be presented.)
  • The date of return is within the first month of the semester AND within a maximum of 15 days from the date of purchase.
  • The book is new and in mint condition (when applicable, shrink-wrap must be intact and the CD pouch unopened.)

End of semester buy-back policy

At the end of the semester, the bookshop may buy back some books for up to 30% of the original price if they are in very good condition (i.e., no writing, highlighting, or underlining). The buy-back value is determined by the shop on the basis of the original purchase price and overall condition of the book.

Please note that summer course books, obsolete texts, or textbooks with new editions in print are NOT eligible for refund under any conditions.

Language courses

All Italian language textbooks are available for purchase at La Feltrinelli bookstore on Via de’ Cerretani, N. 30/32 (also near Piazza del Duomo).


Coursepacks may be purchased at Florence Copy on Via La Farina, 10r (near Piazzale Donatello).

Coursepacks must be ordered and paid for in advance. In many cases they can be printed and bound immediately; in others you may need to return to pick up your copy the next day. All coursepacks are non-refundable; it is therefore advisable that you not make purchases until you are sure of staying in a class.

Vendor policies

Please note that Syracuse Florence makes no profit from third-party vendors and takes no responsibility for how stores enforce policies and/or administer services.

Syracuse Florence Library reserve books and coursepacks

The Syracuse Florence Library keeps a copy of all textbooks and course-packs on reserve in the Library Office (ground floor of the Villino). Reserve books are available for 2-hour consultations on a first-come, first-served basis. Late fees will apply for any reserve texts not returned by the end of the day.

Please note that it is generally recommended that you buy your own books for convenience of availability and usage.

If you have any questions, please contact Sylvia Hetzel ( or stop by the Library Office.