Faculty Conference Fund

Each year SU Florence accepts applications to partially cover expenses incurred by faculty who would like to participate in conferences and exhibitions as speakers, discussants, organizers, exhibiting artists, etc., through the SUF Faculty Conference Fund. The amount of funding available is limited, therefore the complete coverage of costs for any given event cannot be guaranteed.

Available funds are allocated according to:

– Relevance of the event to the courses taught and the field of expertise

– Nature of participation

– Faculty member’s degree engagement with SUF (how many courses taught totally, seniority…)

– Marketing potential for the SUF program

– Balance of assignments (those who have never received funds or have not received them for a long time gain precedence)

Interested faculty should submit the standard SUF Faculty Conference Fund Request [PDF, 66kB] form to Michelle Tarnopolsky (mtarnopo@syr.edu) by October 31. Funding can be requested retroactively for conferences that have taken place within the same calendar year. All requests will be reviewed by Sasha Perugini (SUF Director), Cathleen Compton (SUF Supervisor for Academics) and Petra Hejnova (SU Abroad Director of Curriculum and Academic Services); a decision will be communicated by November 15.