Syracuse Abroad: Global Innovation Fund

Together, on campus and abroad, we further students’ global knowledge, critical thinking, intercultural skills, professional capacities, and curiosity about and openness to the world in all its complexity. We develop students’ capacities to address urgent issues from interconnected global perspectives, work on teams of people from other countries and cultures (and time zones), move ethically across borders, and join with others on making the world a better, safer, fairer, greener place for all—from the moment they enter the campus to the day they graduate.

The new Syracuse Abroad Global Innovation Fund has been established to help realize the vision and mission of Syracuse Abroad in preparing students to become responsible global citizens and professionals, to be able to live, work, and act in an increasingly global interconnected world. Faculty are key to achieving these outcomes, and this fund aims to support their professional development, their contributions to the general intellectual and academic culture of the center and their pedagogical innovation. The fund also aims to raise the visibility of Syracuse Abroad by ensuring the highest standards in how Syracuse Abroad is represented nationally and internationally.

The Innovation Fund streamlines existing Syracuse Abroad Professional Development funding from across the abroad centers and ensures a more equitable distribution of resources across Syracuse Abroad Center, summer and featured programs.

Syracuse Abroad’s Vision

As a leader in innovative study abroad, Syracuse Abroad aspires to provide transformative and affordable global academic experiences through study, research, and intern opportunities for all students, fostering a transnational spirit of inquiry, and preparing students as responsible global citizens and professionals.

Syracuse Abroad’s Mission

Syracuse Abroad supports the larger academic mission of the University, working closely with faculty, departments, schools/colleges, and administrative offices on campus, on our shared mission of educating students to live, work, and act in an increasingly globally interconnected world.

Syracuse Abroad provides meaningful, academically rigorous, professionally enhancing, and affordable education abroad opportunities for all students in order to prepare them as global leaders, professionals, and citizens—through its eight overseas centers, its faculty led and summer programs, and its World Partners, a robust roster of partnerships with other universities and education and research abroad programs.


The fund supports projects in:

1.Curricular and pedagogical innovation: to provide incentives for Syracuse Abroad Center faculty to creatively and collaboratively develop new and/or revise existing courses, field trips and assignments while also incorporating new methods of teaching and learning;

Sample eligible project: $200 stipend to provide an incentive for faculty to develop a new course or substantially revise a large scope course assignment.

2. Professional development: to provide support to Syracuse Abroad faculty to develop deeper knowledge of current trends in their academic disciplines, to build their technological and pedagogical capacity, and to encourage participation in international education conferences and workshops;

Sample eligible project: Travel and other expenses (up to $1,000) for participation in an academic or teaching conference, fees for faculty to attend study abroad workshops, etc.

3. Intellectual debate: to support wider intellectual discussions on education abroad, e.g., host ‘think tanks’, symposia, seminars and workshops with home/abroad faculty and partner

Sample eligible project: Travel expenses and small stipend for a faculty from one Syracuse Abroad center to deliver a pedagogical workshop at another center or a research project results on home campus.

$20,000 to be distributed in individual grants of up to $2,000 (per fiscal year). The average amount to be distributed is expected to be below $1,000 to ensure that we can accommodate as many faculty and projects as possible.


Only Syracuse Abroad Center (semester and summer) and featured program faculty are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Only complete applications will be considered. A complete application includes the following:

  1. Completed APPLICATION FORM: The application form will include a description of the project along with an explanation of how the project supports the mission of Syracuse Abroad.
  2. Budget: Each application needs to be accompanied by a detailed budget. Projects will typically be funded up to $2,000, though most awards are much smaller. Examples of eligible expenses include travel expenses, cost of technical equipment, remuneration for time spent working on developing and delivering a project.
  3. Timeline of project development and completion: Projects need to be completed in two consecutive semesters/sessions.
  4. Assessment plan: Each project needs to include a brief plan for how the impact of the project will be assessed.
  5. Center (or Academic) Director Recommendation: Each application needs to be reviewed and approved by the Center Director (or Center Assistant Director for Academics, where relevant) before submission.

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to the Assistant to the Director ( and the Business Manager ( for Syracuse University Florence.

Application Deadline

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis (until all funds are distributed). The first application cycle ends on June 30, 2019.

Reporting and showcasing

All awards will be dispersed when the project is completed in full and the following reports are submitted to the Award Committee at the end of the project.

  • A brief narrative report on project implementation and impact
  • An expenditure report matched to initial budgets (complete with relevant receipts).

All project reports will be shared with the Syracuse Abroad community. The full name of the Syracuse Abroad Center the faculty represents needs to appear in the title of all presentation and other materials. The Award Committee might also invite specific project leaders to share their project experience and outcomes in more detail through the likes of local workshops or online resources.

Award Committee

The Award Committee approves and funds innovation project proposals. The committee consists of:

  • Syracuse Abroad Director of Curriculum and Academic Services
  • One Center director (rotating position on annual basis)
  • One Center academic director (rotating position on annual basis)