(SU communications students please note: the Newhouse School of Communications does not give department credit for internships done overseas. Internships can, however, be done for generic IPA credit.)


EXOUT is a virtual company  that offers services for social media management, cloud computing set-up and training, and web site development. Interns will assist with the management of English-language social media for local businesses. Being a virtual company, interns may choose their own schedules; however, they will be required to adhere to their schedules very strictly.
Italian is not required.

Flo N the Go

New internship: Description available soon.

Florence TV/Web TV

Florence TV is a local television station in Florence that seeks broadcasting students to assist in the production and final cut editing of video clips about Florence for broadcast on their web TV. Students will make their own video clips about Florence and Italy participating in the entire production process from start to finish. Students will also do editing for an online column called “USA chiama Italia.” Eligible students should have some broadcasting experience, either theoretical or practical, and demonstrate initiative, creativity and reliability in their work.
Language requisites: Intermediate Italian.

Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco

The Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco is a private foundation whose mission is to promote intercultural dialogue among different countries, with special emphasis on East/West relations, and to promote an awareness of cultural heritages and diversities among young people. The internship is offered for 2 credits (90 hours) only. The internship aims to communicate the meaning of cultural heritage to young people and to promote the concept of travel beyond consumer “tourism.”  Interns will work on the Life Beyond Tourism project  (LBT portal and photo blogs) and on promoting events related to this project. The main tasks will be to develop 1) a contact network and 2) a blog and photoblog on the following topics: Cultural Heritage, Cultural Diversity, Tourism & Travel, Inter-Cultural Dialogue. Recommended for Photography, Communications and Marketing majors.
Language requisites: None.

The Florence Newspaper

Florence Newspaper is an online journal featuring articles on various aspects of Florentine culture and business life. This online newspaper offers students the opportunity to do an internship for a semester in the areas of written and photo journalism, to work with Italian printing and press offices, and to interact professionally with the local community and culture.
Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian.

The Florentine (Bi-monthly newspaper)

The Florentine is a bi-weekly English-language newspaper published in Florence. It aims to help English-speaking visitors become better acquainted with the city of Florence and its surrounding communities. It reports on local and national Italian news and publishes an extensive list of current events in and around Florence. The intern writes articles of general interest for English-speaking residents and visitors to Florence.
Language requisites: None.