Outstanding Student Awards

What is it?

It’s a contest designed to reward your work while abroad!

Since 1999, this is the award through which Syracuse University in Florence has sought to formally recognize students who have aspired to the highest levels of integration into the Italian culture, demonstrated academic excellence through in-class performance and exceptional engagement in the local community.

How does it work?

Step 1: Students nominate either themselves or peers via the online application form. Professors will also nominate students based on in-class performance. Professor nominated students will be notified via email and asked to fill out the application form if they accept the nomination.

Step 2: The Outstanding Student Award Committee will select 10 top students. These students will then write an essay or produce a project in which they will be asked to reflect on three topics relating to students’ educational and Italian experience.

Step 3: The Award Committee will select the top 3 essays/projects.

Step 4: The 3 winners will be announced at the end of the semester during the Awards Ceremony by the Student Committee. All top 10 finalists are expected to be at the ceremony to present their projects/essays to the audience.

How are the Outstanding Student Award winners honored?

The top 3 winners will be announced and all 10 finalists will be honored at the Awards Ceremony. Essays/Projects will be displayed in the Limonaia in the days before the ceremony.

At the Awards Ceremony the top 3 winners will receive personalized letters of recommendation to use in their future educational projects and a monetary prize. The other 7 finalists will each receive a Certificate of Merit.

We invite you all to consider this opportunity that will acknowledge your academic achievement, learning and cultural immersion during your semester abroad in Florence.

For more information, including application deadlines, please contact Michelle Tarnopolsky at mtarnopo@syr.edu.

Winning Essays

Spring 2015

Tess Banta [PDF, 36KB] (Amherst College)
Christiana Chimielewski [PDF, 68KB] (Syracuse University)
Hasmik Djoulakian [PDF, 46KB] (Syracuse University)
Madeleine Fournier [PDF, 60KB] (Syracuse University)

Fall 2014

Alicia Goshe [PDF, 102KB] (Oberlin College)
John Hacking [PDF, 190KB] (Gettysburg College)
Emily Young [PDF, 321KB] (Syracuse University, Freshman)

Spring 2014

Chiara Klein [PDF, 106KB] (Syracuse University)
Jennifer Rodriguez [PDF, 47KB] (Harvard University)
Stephanie Straus [PDF, 136KB] (Tufts University)

Fall 2013

Nathaniel Carlson [PDF, 44KB] (Syracuse University)
Benjamin Lee [PDF, 64KB] (Syracuse University, Freshman)
Robert Moldafsky [PDF, 49KB] (Syracuse University)

Spring 2013

Carla Cortes [PDF, 41KB] (Syracuse University)
Katherine Hamilton [PDF, 49KB](Oberlin College)
Carolina Esther Jimenez [PDF, 61KB] (Syracuse University)
Zack Ranieri [PDF, 16KB] (Syracuse University)

Fall 2012

Kaitlyn Hobson [PDF, 51KB] (Syracuse University)
Jesse Nichols [PDF, 147KB] (Syracuse University)
Genevieve Payne [PDF, 217KB] (Syracuse University)
Laura Silla [PDF, 70KB] (Bryn Mawr College)