Italian Language and Culture

Learning Italian is a central part of any student’s experience in Florence, as the Italian language represents not only an indispensable means of communication, but it is also the key to understanding and appreciating Italy’s culture and people. Studying a foreign language in the country of origin makes a student’s experience unique; it is possible to include various activities that take advantage of the numerous local resources offered by the city itself.

We at Syracuse Florence have a reciprocal relationship with the city that hosts us, and our classrooms literally extend into its fabric. Learning is active and takes place through real-life situations such as visiting artisan workshops, conversing with Italian students, or experiencing the lively flavor and atmosphere of outdoor markets. The city and its people become an integral part of our language classes, therefore making Florence both a classroom and a language laboratory.

All Syracuse Florence students are required to take a course in Italian language and culture. To facilitate interaction, classes are limited to twelve students and meet for a total of eight hours per week. Students who take Italian I, II, III and IV (4 credits each) must also take a LAC (Language Across Culture) course (2 credits) for a total of 6 credits. LAC courses complement the Italian classes by further developing language abilities both through in-class activities and hands-on experiences in the community.

Architecture and Studio Arts Students have the option to take Italian for only half a semester for a total of 3 credits.

Spazio Conversazione

To learn how you can get to know Italian students through conversation exchange see also Spazio Conversazione.