Faculty Publications

The following is a list of publications from faculty currently teaching at SU Florence. In alphabetical order by faculty name, these books have been authored, co-authored, edited, co-edited, translated or abridged by one of our faculty.

Dorothea Barrett

Abridgements for Cideb Editrice (Gruppo DeAgostini)

Antonella Battaglia

Paul Blokker

Molly Bourne

Olivier de Maret

Matteo Duni

Antonella Francini

Rab Hatfield (retired)

Richard Ingersoll

Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna

Sara Matthews-Grieco

Alick McLean

Jonathan Nelson

Eric Nicholson

Saša Perugini

Debora Spini

Stefania Talini

Loredana Tarini

Vittoria Tettamanti