Villa Rossa Book Series

botticelliSandro Botticelli and Herbert Horne: New Research

Edited by Rab Hatfield

Sandro Botticelli and Herbert Horne: New Research, edited by Rab Hatfield, contains six essays based on papers given at a conference in Florence in October 2008 to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Herbert Horne’s ground-breaking monograph on Botticelli. The volume opens with essays by Rab Hatfield and Barbara Deimling, both of whom address the fundamental question of the identities of figures in major Botticelli works. In the third essay, Louis Waldman presents a contract he discovered recently, which is the only known contract for a work by Botticelli. Jonathan Nelson’s essay explores various Botticelli works in search of answers to a crucial question about attribution: are we justified in attributing a work to the maestro if it was wholly or partly executed by assistants in his workshop? Caroline Elam then shifts the focus from the artist to the critic; her essay explores the remarkable life and personality of Herbert Horne. In the final essay, Antonella Francini presents and analyzes a fascinating poem about Botticelli by Horne, which she discovered recently. The volume as a whole throws new light on a great painter and one of his most sensitive and innovative interpreters.

Plautilla NelliPlautilla Nelli (1524-1588): The Painter-Prioress of Renaissance Florence

A collection of essays edited by Jonathan K. Nelson [PDF, 11MB]

In this collection of essays, internationally recognized scholars examine the life and works of Nelli, the prioress of a Dominican convent, with special attention to the artistic, social, and religious contexts. The book reproduces all Nelli’s paintings and drawings in color, many for the first time, and significantly increases the small corpus of works attributed to her. It also presents the restoration results of her celebrated Lamentation. This volume is an indispensable contribution to studies on women artists and the visual culture of Renaissance Italy.

Rab HatfieldItalian Art, Society, and Politics: A Festschrift in Honor of Rab Hatfield

Edited by Barbara Deimling and Jonathan K. Nelson

The fifteen essays on Italian art, society, and politics offer new perspectives on a wide range of subjects in Italian art history, architecture, history, and urban studies. Topics range from eleventh-century urbanism in Florence and northern influences on Lombard painting to the re-writing of history in the nascent Italian State. All authors are alumni of Syracuse University’s Florence Graduate Program in Renaissance Art. The volume is dedicated to Professor Rab Hatfield as a Festschrift on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. A renowned teacher and scholar in Italian Renaissance studies, Rab Hatfield has taught at Syracuse University in Florence since 1971.

Matteo DuniUnder the Devil’s Spell Witches, Sorcerers, and the Inquisition in Renaissance Italy

Author: Matteo Duni

From the fifteenth century to the eighteenth, witch-hunting engulfed Europe. It was believed that witches flew to Black Sabbats, signed pacts with Satan, and worked evil magic to undermine Christian society. Tens of thousands of people, mostly women, were tried, often tortured, and many died at the stake for the crime of diabolical witchcraft and demonic possession. Under the Devil’s Spell: Witches, Sorcerers, and the Inquisition in Renaissance Italy, by SUF Professor Matteo Duni, transports us into the midst of this drama, making the tragic stories of those involved tangible through the translated trial records. We hear about Don Guglielmo Campana, the fearsome wizard-priest, the enchantress Anastasia, and the country healer Brighento Brighenti. Under the Devil’s Spell is the second volume highlighting the academic work of SUF faculty and professional staff in The Villa Rossa Series: Intercultural Perspectives on Italy and Europe.

flood-florence-previewThe Great Flood of Florence, 1966: A Photographic Essay

Author: Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna

On November 4, 1966, Florence experienced the most devastating flood of its entire history. On that day, Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna, a twenty-six-year-old American artist living in Florence, went out into the flooded streets and photographed the dramatic unfolding events. Kraczyna was awarded the Fiorino d’Oro —the highest honor of the City of Florence – for ten of those photographs. This book presents, for the first time, Kraczyna’s flood photographs in their entirety, taken on that tragic day and in the days that followed, as the city tried to deal with the immense disaster. Swietlan Nicholas Kraczyna is an internationally known artist, who has had 128 one-man exhibitions in five continents, and whose work is also preserved in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. He was the technical assistant to Marino Marini for all of his color etchings, and has himself become a leading artist in this field. This publication heralds the launch of the new SUF book series, entitled “Villa Rossa Series: Intercultural Perspectives on Italy and Europe”, which will highlight the artistic achievements and intellectual discoveries of the SUF faculty and professional staff, whose work explores the experience and historical dimensions of cultural interchange. The book is available at major bookstores in Florence or through SU Press: