Medical Services

Medications: Over-the-Counter and Prescription

Most over-the-counter medications are available in Italy, although they may be called by their generic name or have a different commercial name. Prescription medication, however, is a different matter. If you regularly take prescribed medication, you should bring enough from home to last the entire semester. The medication should be accompanied by a doctor’s prescription and a breakdown of the generic composition of the drug. If the drug is available in Italy, our school doctor can prescribe the Italian equivalent of the medication; however, the cost may be very high and certain drugs may not be available at all.

In Italy it is illegal to send any prescription medication through the mail (including private courier), regardless of availability in Italy or not. Any pharmaceutical will get stopped in customs and will only be cleared, if at all, after lengthy paperwork has been completed and custom fees have been paid.

Our doctor can give regular allergy shots, as well as any other periodic injections (such as birth control). Her office has a refrigerator where medical serums can be stored.

Syracuse Florence In-House Medical Services

During the fall and spring semesters, Syracuse Florence employs an English-speaking doctor who visits the campus three times a week. Students can make an appointment with Dr. Agnese Linari in the Student Life Office. The visit is a service provided by the university and is, therefore, free of charge.

Dr. Agnese Linari

For appointments: Student Life Office (Rm. 10, Villa Rossa)

For visits: VR Annex, second floor

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 2-4 p.m.

If you are unable to visit our in-house doctor, below are some private options. Please note that in these cases you will be responsible for payment. All recommended clinics and specialists provide English-speaking services.

Private Clinics in Florence

Tourist Medical Services

Address: Via Roma, 4, Florence (near the Baptistery)
Tel: 055-475 411

Walk-in Hours:

Monday to Friday 11:00am-12:00pm / 1:00pm – 3:00pm / 5:00pm-6:00pm
Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm / 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Cost: approx. €45 depending on the type of visit.

After Hours:

24/7 service, by appointment only, for home visits: Dial 055-475411 to obtain the cell phone number of the doctor on duty. You will hear a recording in both Italian and English.
Cost: approx. €75.

Villa Donatello – Fast Aid Clinic

Address: Piazzale Donatello 14 (near Piazza Savonarola)
Tel: 055-509 7797

The Fast Aid Clinic at Villa Donatello is a quick-access medical clinic, dedicated to small health emergencies.

Walk-in Hours:

Monday through Sunday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (no appointment needed).
Cost: €90 depending on type of visit. If immediate in-depth diagnostic tests are needed (blood tests, X-rays, ultra- sounds, EKGs), costs will be higher.


Gynecologist: Antonella Curcio, M.D.

Address: Via Lamarmora, 26
Tel: 055.575.329

Charges payable in cash at time of appointment.

Dentist: Dott. Bindi , D.D.S.

Address: Via G. Carducci, 16
Tel: 055-2638544

All major credit cards accepted.

Emergency Room

Santa Maria Nuova Hospital

Address: Piazza Santa Maria Nuova (near the Duomo)

Santa Maria Nuova is the nearest public emergency hospital to the Syracuse Florence campus. There is usually an English-speaking physician on duty.

International SOS Card

Syracuse University is an institutional member of International SOS , a company that provides students studying abroad access to a full range of medical information and emergency services, including evacuation. For many years, ISOS has provided emergency medical services for worldwide organizations and corporations.

An ISOS membership card will be distributed to you where you arrive at your destination. Please use the SU membership number (11BCPA000177) to access the ISOS website  before you go abroad. Students should sign and carry the card with them at all times or download the smartphone app. Parents/guardians should record the membership number and website address so they also have access.

As a member, you have access to ISOS information services at no charge. These information services range from the website information provided (including country risk ratings, State Department postings, medical travel recommendations, and immunization requirements) to access to medical doctors via phone consultation, referrals to English-speaking doctors, to care assessment and translation services in case of hospitalization

The ISOS 24-hour information services and smart phone application are especially valuable when you are traveling during breaks, or visiting destinations where you have no local contacts and find yourself needing medical advice. Please download the smartphone app, and register your travel information on the MyTrips portal .

Please note that use of actual medical services (beyond information services) is not free. While you have access to ISOS clinics and doctors around the world, you will be responsible for the cost of such services if not covered by your health insurance policy, or the ISIC insurance policy. The ISOS program and membership is not an insurance plan.