Science & Math in English at UAM

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) is a public university that has become a landmark in the Spanish and international university community. It is well-known for excelling in research and entrepreneurship, teaching excellence, and social commitment.

Its international presence is supported through numerous exchange and training programs with universities throughout the world. UAM offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. UAM is located in the outskirts of Madrid but is well-connected to the SU Madrid Center.

The Madrid Center and Science and Math in English at UAM option is available for fall semester only, and is for students that want to take science and math courses in English at UAM and combine those with courses at the SU Madrid Center.

Science and Math Courses Offered at UAM Approved by SU

Science and Math Courses Code Approved by SU
Cell Biology BIO 480
Basic Statistics and Probability MAT 280.1

*These courses are subject to change and may be available in either spring or fall depending on the final UAM course schedule.

Program Features

Your semester abroad starts with the Marine Ecology of the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa Signature Seminar (exceptions are made when the start of UAM conflicts with the seminar). Students interested in Science and Math courses in English at UAM will receive priority consideration for the seminar.

You will combine coursework at UAM with course offerings at SU Madrid Center. Typically, students enroll in 1-2 courses at UAM and 2-4 additional courses at the SU center. During their study at UAM, students will have access to UAM services and facilities, such as libraries, computer labs, and sports.


You will live with hosts in Madrid (usually two students to a household, though you may choose to live with no other students in the home). This experience allows you to assimilate quickly and to immerse yourself in the Spanish lifestyle, enjoying breakfasts and dinners with your Spanish hosts, participating in la sobremesa (discussion around the table) and taking part other Spanish customs.