Health Care and Support

Contact us in the Student Life office if you need further information on doctors and health services.

  • Life-threatening emergencies: 112
  • Syracuse Madrid health & safety emergency line: +34 696-413-977
  • Syracuse Madrid 24-hour mental health crisis line:  +34 646-986-317
  • Tourist Health emergency medical service: +34 629-823-493

Ambulance services

  • SAMUR: 112
  • UVI-Móvil: 061
  • Cruz Roja ambulances: 91-522-2222
  • SASU ambulances: 91-355-1039

Sexual assault support

Call Syracuse Madrid health & safety emergency line: +34 696-413-977​

Other resources at Syracuse University:

Syracuse University Sexual and Relationship Violence Response Team

On-call pharmacies

098 (This number will provide information as to which pharmacies are open after hours and on holidays. You may also obtain this information through:

24-hour pharmacies:

  • C/ Mayor, 13
  • C/ Goya, 12
  • C/ Goya, 89
  • C/ Atocha, 46
  • C/ Velázquez, 70

Poison control

24 hours a day:

Instituto de toxicología
C/ Luis Cabrera, 9

National Capital Poison Center

Health care providers

Hospital de Madrid
Plaza Conde del Valle Suchil, 16.
Metro: San Bernardo, Lines 2 and 4

  • Emergency room visits = 120€
  • Internal medicine = 60€
  • Specialists = 80€

Ask for Tourist Health Spain for English-speaking interpreters.

If your insurance doesn’t offer up-front payment, Syracuse Madrid students receive special rates here.  Be sure to use show your Syracuse Madrid ID.

For other health care providers, see the Medical Assistance section of the U.S. Embassy in Madrid’s website.

Bring medical supplies in your carry-on luggage

U.S. prescriptions aren’t accepted in Spanish pharmacies, and shipping medication across international borders is complex. Therefore, bring enough of your prescription medication from home to last through the semester along with a doctor’s prescription and breakdown of the generic composition of the drug. Typical examples of what students bring are EpiPens, seasonal allergy drugs, birth control pills, ADD/ADHD medication, and contact lenses.

Medicamentos extranjeros (assistance with foreign prescriptions)
Paseo de Recoletos 14, 1st floor
91-426-9224 or 9054
For hard-to-find prescription medications and their equivalent in Spain.

Other useful phone numbers

Taxi services

LGBT support

Alcoholics Anonymous
C/ Juan Bravo 40, bis 2º B

Overeaters Anonymous
C/ Núñez de Balboa, 43

 HIV and STD tests

  • Hospital de Madrid (Private clinic)
    Plaza Conde del Valle Suchil, 16.
    Metro: San Bernardo, Lines 2 and 4
    Ask for Tourist Health Spain for English-speaking interpreters
  • Madrid Health Center (Public center)

For more information please see Student Life.