Homestay Change Policy

Students may apply for a host family change in exceptional circumstances and only after the fifteen-day adaptation period in Madrid has passed. Only circumstances that The Office of Student Life determines may have a negative impact on the student’s health or safety will be considered.



  • Students should make an appointment with the housing coordinator as soon as an issue or potential issue arises.
  • A request for a homestay change must be made in writing and by appointment.
  • 1) Telephone Mediation and 2) in-person mediation between the students, housing coordinator and host families are the initial steps before a housing change is considered.
  • Changes are subject to The Office of Student Life’s approval and to the time needed to locate a suitable alternative host family (this may take up to a week).
  • Changes are not allowed when the main reason is distance to the school or being the only student in the house, unless the student claim disabilities and these are recognized by Syracuse University prior to their arrival in Madrid.
  • Students who request a change in placement based on a disability documentation (via Office of Disability Services) are not automatically guaranteed a change. This must be reviewed by main campus Office of Disability Services housing committee.
  • Students are expected to stay at the current home until a new family has been identified. Once a host family is selected and approved for reassignment, the family must be given 24 hours minimum to prepare the home and schedule for student arrival.
  • A change in host families will likely entail relocation further from campus or the city center. Nearby host families are rarely left as backup options.
  • Syracuse Madrid will not pay for hotel stays or for alternative accommodation.
  • Except for in the case of documented health & safety related circumstances, no more than one homestay change per semester will be allowed.