Cultural Reimbursement Program (CRP)

In order to help you make the most of your time in Madrid, we invite our students to participate our Cultural Reimbursement Program (CRP). The CRP can reimburse each student up to 15€ per activity with a total reimbursement limit of 75€. Use your Syracuse Madrid ID card whenever possible to make the most of the program.  Only current Syracuse Madrid students are eligible to participate in the CRP, and each student can claim the same activity only once. (If two or more students participate in the same activity and are on the same receipt, each student in the group must be present to receive their reimbursement. Otherwise, the students not present when the receipt is presented will forfeit their reimbursement.)

In order to qualify for a reimbursement, you must come to the Student Life Office with the original receipt (not the credit card receipt). No reimbursements will be issued without the original receipt.  Last day to turn in receipts for Fall 2018 is Wednesday, December 5.

Activities covered under the CRP are:

  1. Visits to museums in Spain not included in your art class
  2. Visits to historical monuments within Spain
  3. Spanish films (this does not include U.S. or other foreign films with Spanish subtitles or dubbing. The idea is for you to to see local film productions.)
  4. Spanish theater or opera productions (again, we want you to experience local productions and not local versions of Broadway productions, for example.)
  5. Other local cultural visits and exhibits such as Spanish art, photography, flamenco shows, etc (See Student Life for clarification.)

The following activities are not covered by the CRP:

  1. Non-Spanish films (see point 3 above for clarification.)
  2. Sporting events
  3. Transportation
  4. Food and/or drink
  5. Leisure and touristic activities including, but not limited to music festivals, theme parks, zoos, segway/bike tours, cable cars, look-out points, guided city tours, etc.
  6. Activities outside of Spain
  7. Other activities not previously approved

Stop by the Student Life office for more infor​mation.