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Featured alum: Andrea Wangsanata

Andrea Wangsanata

On her semesters in Madrid and Cape Town, and how they deepened her understanding of human connections across cultures:

Studying abroad helped me grow as a person. I was lucky to have had two opportunities to study abroad; first in Madrid and then in Cape Town. While the two cities may seem like complete opposites (and in many ways, they are) my experiences with the locals really highlighted the inherent human needs we all have: love and companionship.

I lived with host families in both places, and they fully embraced me and immersed me into their culture. Despite the language barriers and cultural differences, I was  amazed to see the role that social media and mobile phones played in communications and interactions. Every time I'd go out and meet some new people, they always asked me to "Facebook" them. And despite being miles and miles apart, I can still keep up to date on my friends abroad through various social media platforms.

Studying abroad opened my eyes to an entirely new world and guided me towards a career at a global PR firm. I am now working in the digital practice of Proof Integrated Communications/Burson Marsteller as an account manager, where I get to work with multinationals and offices around the globe. I hope to one day work abroad, but for now, I'm happy to be where I am, doing something I love and learning constantly.

Andrea Wangsanata
Syracuse University '11 (Public relations and political science)
Madrid, Fall 2009
Cape Town, Fall 2010