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Featured alum: Stephen Keil

Stephen Keil

On his semester in Strasbourg, and his internship with the Council of Europe

During my time in Strasbourg, one of my most enriching experiences was my Council of Europe internship with the Pompidou Group. The Pompidou Group is an intergovernmental organization that fights drug abuse and drug trafficking in Europe.

As an international relations major, this was an invaluable, hands-on experience for me to see what it is all about. My first two months, I did research for the group and even produced an official council document. For my last month, I helped the group prepare for their conference with their "permanent correspondents" or delegates through things like registration and organization. I also attended the conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the Slovenian Parliament. I was able to see international relations first hand and, since France was the chair, practice my French as well!

Stephen Keil
Syracuse University '14 (International relations)
Strasbourg Fall 2011