Passports and Visas

If you do not have a passport or your current passport will expire soon, please apply for a new passport now . To study abroad for a semester, you will need a passport valid through six months after your program ends and a long-stay visa.

Syracuse Abroad has two visa submissions options: group and independent. If you submit your materials before the given deadlines, you will be able to participate in the group submission. Below you will find packet information for the group submissions, independent instructions can be provided by Matt Maloney via email.

Discovery Florence Visas: Due June 1

Please confirm your jurisdiction with Matt Maloney and email him for the paper Italian Visa Application.

Italian Student Visa Packet Instructions – Boston [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Chicago [PDF, 2MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Detroit [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Houston [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Los Angeles [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Miami [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Student Visa Instructions: New York [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Student Visa Packet Instructions: Philadelphia [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: San Francisco [PDF, 3MB]

Italian Visa Packet Instructions: Washington, D.C. [PDF, 3MB]

Discovery Madrid Visas: Due June 1

Discovery Madrid Visa Packet [PDF, 269KB]

Spanish Visa Application

Discovery Strasbourg Visas: Due April 15 and April 29

*Many Strasbourg students will need to apply for their visa independently. Instructions will be provided by Matt Maloney.

Etudes en France Instructions [PDF, 1MB] (use this to create your Campus France profile)

Discovery Strasbourg Visa Packet [PDF, 2MB]