Special Petition FAQs

What is the purpose of this new policy?

Syracuse University has made significant investments in providing substantive, top-quality study abroad experiences for students through our eight centers; through faculty-led short term, summer, and featured programs; and through direct enrollment in more than 60 approved programs across the globe called World Partners. Students also have the option of petitioning to participate in non-affiliated programs based on compelling academic and professional reasons.

This extensive roster provides education abroad opportunities and options that will be academically relevant and meaningful, that will support the safety and well-being of our students, and that will integrate the abroad experience into students’ degree programs and professional goals. The policy is intended to ensure that SU students have rigorous, meaningful international education experiences and that the University can continue to offer such a rich array of programs.

Who has approved this new policy?

This policy has been discussed among the Deans, key stakeholders at SU Abroad, the Chancellor, and has been approved by the Vice Chancellor and Provost.

What are the advantages of this new policy?

As students will be on Syracuse University programs, they are eligible for financial aid. Syracuse University will have greater confidence in the academic and professional value of students’ coursework and internships abroad, and greater confidence in student safety. SU Abroad is a long-standing, historic hallmark of a Syracuse education. This policy will support SU Abroad over the long-term, both programmatically and fiscally, while ensuring students with special circumstances have an opportunity to petition (as described below) to study abroad via a non-affiliated program.

Syracuse University will be following the best practices of peer institutions.

What if a student wants to go a non-affiliated program?

A process exists for vetting non-affiliated programs. Student will petition their academic department and the Associate Provost of International Education and Engagement to study at a non-affiliated program. Students will receive SU credit, calculated into their GPA, and pay SU tuition and receive SU financial aid. This is also a mechanism for adding more programs to our roster of World Partner options. This petition will be on the SU Abroad website and available through the schools and colleges.

The petitioning process includes: (1) an application and personal statement, offering a compelling academic and professional rationale and demonstrating that the learning objectives cannot be met by any program offered by SU Abroad; (2) a letter or email of support from the department chair of his/her major (and dual major, or minor, when applicable), including a statement approving a list of courses for major, minor, or elective credit; (3) and review and approval by the Associate Provost of International Education and Engagement in conjunction with the Dean of the home school or college.

What if a student takes a leave of absence (to study abroad) and requests the credits be transferred?

These credits will no longer be accepted in the absence of preapproval by petition as described above.