Spring 2021 Programs: Santiago

We look forward to having you be a part of the Syracuse Santiago in the spring!

View the Santiago program packet to learn more about your semester abroad.

Below is an outline of spring 2021 modifications for Santiago:

What aspects of your Spring 2021 Syracuse Santiago program have changed?

  • Online pre-arrival orientation: January 4th – January 11th 
  • New On-Site Program Dates for all students: January 13th – July 9th.
  • The Cuenca, Ecuador Immersion will be replaced by an optional 3-credit intensive hybrid language immersion course that will run from January 4th to February 5th. Students will complete the first portion online from the U.S., from January 4th to January 11th.  The second portion will be completed online in Chile from January 13th to January 27th, during the government-mandated quarantine that will apply upon their arrival.  The final portion, from January 28th to February 5th, will be held in person. The course will be available to all students on the Syracuse Santiago program with no additional fee. It will be highly interactive and it has been designed to prepare students for their transition to life in Chile and to Chilean university classrooms.  More details regarding this course will be shared with you shortly.
  • The pre-semester Signature Seminar course will be taught in a hybrid format and instruction will begin in early February, after the conclusion of the mandatory quarantine. The travel portion of the seminar will be modified to include two separate trips: Patagonia, Chile (February 12th-15th) and San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (February 18th-21st), as well as other activities throughout the semester. 
  • In-person orientation and course registration at our partner institution, Pontificia Universidad Catolica, will be held on March 2nd.  
  • Reduction in program fee from $5,935 to $5,100. View the Santiago modified budget.

What aspects of your Spring 2021 Syracuse Santiago program remain the same?

  • Housing: Students live with host families and receive three home-cooked meals every day.
  • The Syracuse Santiago Internship Program.
  • All-University field trips will still be available. These trips include but are not limited to: Valparaíso, a visit to an indigenous Mapuche community center, and cultural events.
  • Course Availability: A wide variety of courses across the disciplines remain available to students allowing them to take a full-time course load.

View our Spring 2021 FAQ for more information. Questions? Contact your Santiago International Program Advisor