Spring 2021 Programs: Strasbourg

We look forward to having you be a part of the Syracuse Strasbourg program in the spring!

View the Spring 2021 Strasbourg program packet and the Strasbourg Music program packet to learn more about your semester abroad.

Below is an outline of spring program modifications for Strasbourg:

What aspects of your Spring 2021 Syracuse Strasbourg program have changed?

  • New Program Dates: 
    • For the Strasbourg Center: February 23rd to May 22nd; 
    • For Music Performance:  February 23rd to June 12th. 
  • For those students planning to study at a French partner institution (Université de Strasbourg, Sciences-Po Strasbourg, French Language Institute), please note that there will be some adjustments to your program.  In the next few days you will be contacted directly by Dr. Boyington, the Assistant Director of the Strasbourg Center, to review the details of these modifications.  
  • Pre-Arrival Program Dates:  From January 11th to February 12th, all students will be required to take an exciting new 1-credit “Strasbourg: Creating a European Capital” online course.
  • In person orientation will be held in Strasbourg on February 24th – 26th. 
  • New Mid-Semester Break Dates: April 1st – 5th. 
  • The pre-semester Signature Seminar will be replaced by a variety of all school field trips throughout the semester, including an overnight weekend trip to Burgundy, and a week-long Signature Experience and Music Traveling seminar to Berlin.
  • The duration of the Strasbourg Center program will be under 90 days; therefore, U.S. citizens enrolled in this program will not be required to obtain a student visa. Students in the Music Performance program, however, will need to obtain a student visa, as their program is over 90 days.  
  • Reduction in program fee from $7,500 to $5,100 (Strasbourg Center) & $5,980 (Music Performance). View the Strasbourg modified budget.

What aspects of your Spring 2021 Syracuse Strasbourg program remain the same?

  • Housing: Students will live with a French host family either within the city or in the immediate outskirts along an easily accessible bus or tram line.
  • The Syracuse Strasbourg Center will continue to offer internship opportunities. Your program advisor will email you separately about how to sign up for these.
  • Course Availability: A wide variety of courses across the disciplines remain available to students allowing you to take a full-time course load.  Due to the condensed nature of the semester, students are strongly advised to plan for no more than 17 credits.  If you have an academic need to take additional credits, you should seek approval from Dr. Petra Hejnova, Director of Curriculum and Academic Services.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens and U.S. Citizens enrolled in the Music Performance program will need to obtain a student visa. We will follow up shortly with instructions on how to begin this process.

View our Spring 2021 FAQ for more information. Questions? Contact your Strasbourg International Program Advisor