AIC400.1 History of Contemporary Design: London (Spring)

This class offers a survey of major design movements and the work of leading designers over the past 150 years. You will examine the evolution of design, its changing cultural, ideological, economic and technological context, and the development of the role of the designer within this period. Lectures will be supplemented with visits to sites such as the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Modern.

In this course, you’ll also investigate

  • The role of the reader in interpreting meaning: how the transitional nature of cultural narratives affects one’s reading of “histories” and how the continuous shifts in normative contemporary cultural assumptions alter our perspective and understanding of earlier (design) periods.
  • Semiotics and the role of signification, representation, reference and meaning within our understanding of design, with particular reference to Postmodernism and the contemporary cultural context of design.

Meets with DES 400.1. This course is required for Syracuse students in the Design Program and is open to other students up to the enrollment limit.

Department: Art in Context

Location: London

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3