ANT352 Food, Culture and Identity – HONORS (Fall, Spring) NOT OFFERED Fall 2022

This course examines what many perceive as a banal necessity of life—food—and shows how its production, consumption and exchange impinges on local, regional, national and global markers of identity and difference. As anthropology is a comparative discipline, course materials will focus on both familiar and unfamiliar foods and food practices in order to explore significant social, cultural and historical questions, such as: nationhood and belonging; citizenship and responsibility; gender and domesticity; scarcity and waste; sugar and slavery; ritual and religion; industrial production and modern lifestyles. The core course comprises weekly readings and writing assignments undertaken outside the classroom. Individual and group research projects, lectures and in-class discussions, small group work in and out of class, film screenings and discussions, and London-based walks and field trips complement and support the reading/writing learning structure.

May also be registered under HNR 360.1.

Special Enrollment: To request permission to register, list course among the first four Primary Courses on your Student Advising Form.

Prereq: Enrollment in the SU Honors Program or a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher, with priority to SU Honors Program students.

Department: Anthropology

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3