ARC500.1 Italian Art & Architecture Since 1865 (Fall, Spring)

This course will investigate the scope of Italian artistic ingenuity during the past century and a half and put it into the context of European art movements. Initially, the new styles that broke from the past, such as Impressionism and Art Nouveau, arrived from outside sources. Italy, however, frequently generated powerful aesthetic movements that influenced the rest of the world, including the Futurists, Neo-Rationalism, and Arte Povera. Each week we will focus on a theme involving historical considerations, formal analysis, social impact, interpretation, and reception. We will make a site visit every other week, to small private collections or important architectural sites and will visit new museums devoted to modern art and architecture. Meets with HOA 400.1.

Prerequisite: one history of art or history of architecture course.

Course Fee:  To cover Divisionism to Futurism day trip, Contemporary Excellence in Italy day trip, and Florence site visits (2020 fee = $280).

Department: Architecture

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3