ARC500.3 Contemporary Practices of Colore e Disegno (Fall, Spring)

This course will investigate issues revolving around ‘Colore’ (color) and ‘Disegno’ (drawing). Traditionally these have been recognized as central elements around which disciplines of painting and sculpture (and by extension architecture) have began to articulate their distinct boundaries as well as ever-more contrasting value systems. As Mark Wigley’s argued, Modernism’s white-out attitude can be read precisely as the culmination of such divergence.

We will look at a wide array of contemporary design practices (from digital media to painting and architecture) that suggest ways in which these seemingly distinct ideologies can begin to coexist. You will be introduced to contemporary imaging techniques (from advanced rendering to animation) focusing on digital materiality as a possible site of convergence.

Course-Related Fee: covers Florence site visits, printing and supplies (amount TBA).

Department: Architecture

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3