BUA300.2 From Harry Potter to Airbnb: The Business of Tourism (Fall, Spring)

In this course, you will analyze a business sector that is all around as you study abroad in London: the Business of Tourism. We’ll touch on the history of tourism to ask, “What do tourists want?”—a necessary precursor to looking at the many ways these needs are satisfied, from the weather and location of a beach holiday, through to the history and museums of famous cities, and the imagined locations created by such works of fiction as Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter. Then we examine business models of some key new challengers in the sector (Ryanair and AirBnB, for example) and encourage reflection on “tourists as a product” before turning to the future challenges posed by environmental sustainability and international unrest and terrorism.

Course restriction:  For Syracuse Management School majors, counts as a Business Elective only; does not count toward major or minor.

Department: Business Administration

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3