CRS300.2 Fake News, Hate Speech, and Social Images: From Antiquity to the Present (Fall, Spring)

Fake news and hate speech as well as socio-political activism are some of the phenomena that characterize contemporary communication and writing, especially on social media. But are they new? Or did they manifest in a different way in the past?

Starting from the context of contemporary social media, this course explores cases, instances and habits, that involve writing and communication since antiquity to the present day. We will explore how visual and verbal communication mediates our relation to things or events and how this mediation has changed over time and with technological advances, and we will consider and evaluate the critical operators necessary for analyzing that relation. The rebirth of written culture by means of social media, talking images, social and political engagement will be taken into account.

Department: Communications and Rhetorical Studies

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3