ECN300.1 Europe’s Economic Policy Failures from Maastricht to Brexit (Fall, Spring)

The course will examine the major internal and geopolitical challenges of the European Union through a prism of failures of structural economic policy decisions. You will gain an understanding of the EU’s structural economic shortcomings which contributed to the Euro crisis, the migration crisis, and Brexit. With an introduction on the economic justification of the EU, the launch of the Euro and the EU expansion, the primary focus will be on the resulting structural economic policy shortcomings which now challenge the EU. The course work will encourage you to critically examine the economic ramifications of policy choices associated with the Euro, the free movement of labour, and competition policy. Leveraging that understanding, you will be expected to propose politically feasible economic policy responses meant to reinforce the foundations of the European project.

Prereq:  [ECN 101 AND ECN 102] OR ECN 203, or equivalent background in micro- and macro-economics

Department: Economics

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3