ENG430.2 Global Cities and World Cinema (Fall, Spring)

Not offered in Spring 2024

The modern city began to emerge at the end of the nineteenth century, coinciding with the birth of cinema — the modern art form. As such, the city and the cinema have always been linked, with the movement of the city reflected in the moving image and vice versa. This course will explore this special connection over time and across space, focusing on a variety of films that feature the city as not simply as a backdrop to action but as integral to it. It gives students the opportunity to explore a variety of cinematic representations of the city with reference to World Cinema, including the significant cultural events, architectural developments, and artistic movements. (Topics in Theorizing Representation; also counts towards the Film and Screen Studies track for SU ETS majors.)

Department: English and Textual Studies

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3