FRE441 France Under the Occupation (offered selected spring semesters)

Taught in French. An examination of the traumatic years of the German Occupation of France (1940-1945). Our texts will be mainly literary — some written during the war, some afterward — for writers were, and still are, fascinated by this period when traditional values broke down, when moral choices appeared with heightened clarity and urgency, when an entire nation seemed to be searching for its identity. We will also view a number of important films about this period. Includes a study tour to Natzwiller (Struthof Concentration Camp) or to the Maginot Line with a fee of $115 (Spring 2018) billed from Syracuse. Prereq: FRE 202 (or four semesters of college-level French) and two higher-level FRE language or literature courses or permission of the instructor.

Departments: French, Literatures & Linguistics

Location: Strasbourg

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3