HOM300.1 Performance Live: London (Fall, Spring)

Performance Live: London invites you to question what ‘performance’ might be and to become more aware of yourself as a spectator in all your experiences of viewing, listening and sensing. The course helps you develop methods for thinking and feeling a performance, starting with your expectation of it, through the moments of experiencing it and finally in the afterglow of its happening. Examining the work of artists in fields such as music, theatre, dance and interdisciplinary art forms, we will question and apply models of critical response, comparing and contrasting how they work with different types of performance. The aim is to help you build an analytical vocabulary for the discussion of performance, finding different and diverse ways to communicate your reflections, as both a member of a collective audience and as an individual spectating subject. Weekly attendance at musical events is required.

Note: Performance tickets are purchased in advance based on enrollment numbers at the end of online registration in June/July for the fall semester and November/December for the spring semester. Once registered, students are responsible for all expended and committed costs, which could be as high as full course fee, even if the course is dropped prior to the start of classes. Some seats may be reserved for Bandier Program students and music industry majors.

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover performance tickets and other costs associated with the course (2019-20 fee = $190).

Department: Music History

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3