HST322 Colonial Latin America (Fall, Spring)

Taught in Spanish. The course begins with an introduction in which the pre-1492 Native American world, its great civilizations, and its most primitive tribes are analyzed. The goal is for students to understand both the selective occupation of the territory by Castilian conquerors, and the impact on the natives of the arrival of the Spaniards who brought the Renaissance civilization with them. The core of the course is the analysis of the demographic, political, economic, religious, and social aspects of the conquest and especially of the colonization. The course ends with an in-depth analysis of the reasons for and the process of independence. It also focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of independence for the newly formed Latin American states. Cross-listed with LAS 322/SPA 325.

Pre-req: SPA 201, three semesters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent

Department: History

Location: Madrid

Credits: 3